Dr. Donald G. Billings



Technology Disruption within the Legal Services Ecosystem

By Donald Billings

2019 UMI Dissertations Publishing

Doctoral Study; In progress – A qualitative, comparative case study exploring the lived experiences of managerial level legal technologists and consultants as they relate to technology disruption within the legal industry. Employing systems theory as a conceptual framework, my research explores the ways in which competitive convergence and a reliance on consultants as common seed sowers has lead to homogeneity in the legal market, stagnating differentiation strategies and leaving many firms without the internal expertise required to address client demands for greater efficiency and accountability in the delivery of legal services. Strategic positions that favor imitation over innovation are often mutually destructive, leading to wars of attrition and a reliance on mergers and acquisitions as the sole source of competitive advantage. I also explore the macro-level systems effects of these technologies within the context economic, competitive, and regulatory environments as well as the challenges surrounding mico-level systems relationships such as personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and overall systems thinking.